GP-A046 Series

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4.6-Inch Color LCD Graphic Panels

The GP-A046 series graphic panels are 4.6-inch TFT LCD graphic HMIs with bright and clear displays offering 80 degree viewing angles. The resistive touchscreen (analog touch) allows flexible tag arrangements, and the data logger function allows data storing and backup from various control devices. The units can be installed horizontally or vertically, and also feature support for various connection interfaces including USB Host/Device and Ethernet. The Bypass function allows communication without requiring direct connection from PLCs to PCs. Easy configuration and operation is possible with the dedicated atDesigner software.

Main features

  • 4.6-inch TFT LCD True Color display
  • Horizontal/vertical installation
  • Device monitoring of connected device possible without screen data
  • atDesigner screen editor software provided
    – Various support functions, extensive image and object library
    – Convenient and intuitive user interface
    – Switch display language with multi-language table function
  • Various communication interface support: RS232C, RS422/485, Ethernet
  • Bypass function allows communication without direct connection to PLCs or PC
  • 4.6-Inch Touchscreen

  • Vertical/Horizontal Setup

  • Resolution

  • Screen Editor Software

  • Analog Touch Method

  • Compact HMI with Excellent Visibility and Easy Operation

    The HMI features bright and clear True Color 4.6-inch LCD display.
    ※ The project conversion tool (atDesigner) allows conversion of S-series projects to A-series projects.

  • Flexible Installation

    The compact sized units can be installed horizontally or vertically depending on user needs or applications. 

  • Premium “Family Look” Design

    The unified “family look” design offers high quality, harmonious aesthetics even when applied in various automation machinery. 

  • Bypass Function Offers Spare PLC Communication Port

    The Bypass function allows downloading, uploading, and monitoring by connecting device tools directly to GP series units. The PLC does not need to be connected to PCs, and the spare communication port can be used according to user needs.

  • Wide Viewing Angle 

    The high resolution LCD display offers wide 160 degree viewing angle with 80 degree viewing angle from each side.

  • atDesigner Screen Editor Software with User Oriented UI/UX Design

    All data on the GP screen can be edited using the dedicated screen editor software atDesigner. The user oriented UI/UX design allows users to easily utilize all features on the software.


Developed & Designed By:
Eng. Haitham Abdelraouf @2021

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