FXS Series

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FXS Series

Compact Digital Counter/Timers

The FXS series compact digital counter/timers are integrated units with functions of counters and timers. Counting speeds of 1 cps, 30 cps, 2 kcps, and 5 kcps are available along with various time setting ranges. Count-up, count-down, and count up/down modes are available for accurate measurement and display of various system configurations. The FXS series is available in 4-digit and 5-digit models in standard DIN size W 48 x H 48 mm.

Main features

  • Counting speeds : 1cps/30cps/2kcps/5kcps
  • Switch between counter and timer operation using DIP switch
  • Switch between voltage input (PNP) and no-voltage input (PNP) using DIP switch
  • Operation modes : count-up, count-down, count-up/down
  • Set decimal point, hr/min/sec display with RESET key


20 input modes, 18 output modes


  • Various output modes (16 output modes)
  • Various time setting ranges
    • – 5-digit models : 0.01sec to 9999.9hr
    • – 4-digit models : 0.01sec to 9999hr
  • Output model types : single preset, indicator only
  • Power supply
    • – 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz (AC type)
    • – 24VAC 50/60Hz, 24-48VDC (AC/DC universal type)

FXS Series Upgrade and Model Change Notice. The FXS Series counter/timers have been upgraded with changes to models. Please check the upgrade information and the revised ordering information.

Model Change

Type 4-Digit (Single Preset) 5-Digit (Indicator Only)
Previous Upgrade Previous Upgrade
AC Type FX4S FX4S-1P4 FX5S-I FX5S-I4

Ordering Information

  • Previous : FX/FXH Series, Upgrade : FXM/FXH Series Ordering Information - See below for details


Power Supply

  • Previous:FXS Series, Upgrade:FXS Series - See below for details

Power Consumption

  • Previous:FXS Series, Upgrade:FXS Series - See below for details

Input (Impedance / Residual Voltage)

  • Previous:FXS Series, Upgrade:FXS Series - See below for details


  • Previous:FXS Series, Upgrade:FXS Series *CE, UL certifications acquired


  • Previous:FXS Series, Upgrade:FXS Series * Changed product dimensions (reduced rear-length, etc.)


  • Previous:FXS Series Model:PGB48-W, Upgrade:FXS Series Model : BK-S *48 x 48mm  Screw Mount Brackets → New Clip-On Bracket -Previous:attach the bracket and mount on panels using two screws -New:attach the bracket and clip on to panels (no screws required)

Panel Cut-Out Dimensions

  • Previous:FXS Series, Upgrade:FXS Series *Changed panel cut-out dimensions

Connection Diagram

  • Previous:FXS Series, Upgrade:FXS Series

Input Logic Switch

  • Previous:FXS Series, Upgrade:FXS Series *Changed input logic(NPN/PNP) switch location -Previous : Independent switch for input logic, -Upgrade : Input logic switch moved to number 1 switch of SW1 DIP switches

DIP Switch Arrangement

  • Previous:FXS Series, Upgrade:FXS Series

Decimal Point/Hr/Min/Sec Display

  • Previous : FXS Series, Upgrade : FXS Series *Added decimal point function for indicator only models during counter operation → Decimal point function available on all models *Added hr/min/sec display function during timer operation
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