Fiber Optic Units


Fiber Optic Units

The FT/GT, FD/GD, FL/GL series fiber optic units are available in various sensing methods (through-beam, retroreflective, convergent reflective), 9 head types (thread, cylindrical, flat, L-shaped, plastic, perpendicular, stainless steel, U-shaped, area detection), 5 cable types (standard, flexible, break-resistant, heat-resistant, vacuum-resistant) for flexible installation in diverse environments.

Main features

  • Various head types and sensing methods for diverse environments
    – Thread, cylindrical, flat, L-shaped, plastic, perpendicular, stainless steel, U-shaped and area detection head types for various user requirements
    – Through-beam, retroreflective and convergent reflective methods are available for diverse working conditions
  • Various Fiber Shapes & Types

  • High-Flex Cables

  • Heat-Resistant

  • Vacuum-Resistant

9 Head Types for Various Environments

  • Thread Type  (Through-beam, Retroreflective)

  • Cylindrical Type  (Through-beam, Retroreflective)

Flat Type  (Through-beam, Retroreflective, Convergent reflective)

  • ▶ Top View

  • ▶ Side View

  • ▶ Flat View

  • ▶ L-Type Top View

  • ▶ Top + Side View

  • L-Shaped Type  (Through-beam, Retroreflective)

  • Plastic Type  (Through-beam, Retroreflective)

  • Perpendicular Type  (Through-beam, Retroreflective)

  • Stainless Steel Type  (Through-beam, Retroreflective)

  • U-Shaped Type  (Through-beam)

  • Area Detection Type  (Through-beam, Retroreflective)

Various Cable Types Available for Diverse Environments

  • Standard Type  Standard fiber optic cables 

  • Heat-Resistant Type  Withstand extreme temperature conditions from -60°C to 350°C

  • Vacuum-Resistant Type  Withstand vacuum conditions from -60°C to 350°C

  • Break-Resistant Type  R5, Withstand frequent bending without breaking

  • Flexible Type  R1, Ideal for installation environments with contours. (R1>R5)


Developed & Designed By:
Eng. Haitham Abdelraouf @2021