D5Y/D5W Series


Panel Mount 5-Digit Digital Display Units

The D5Y/D5W series digital display units are panel mount type units with 5-digit, 7-segment LED displays. Various parallel and serial data input methods are supported. Users can conveniently switch data input methods, display digit, input logic, symbol display function, and zero blanking function with attached DIP switches. The D5Y models are W 72 x H 36 mm and the D5W models are W 96 x H 48 mm in size.

Main features

  • Various data input methods
    • – Static parallel input
    • – Dynamic parallel input
    • – 4/5-bit serial input
    • – 16/20/25-bit serial input
  • Decimal point and minus sign display function
  • Input logic : positive (PNP), negative (NPN)
  • Switch between 4-digit (-9999 to 9999) and 5-digit (0 to 99999) display
  • Zero blanking function
  • Reverse latch input signal function
  • D5Y : DIN W72×H36mm/D5W : DIN W96×H48mm
Developed & Designed By:
Eng. Haitham Abdelraouf @2021