PMC-4B-PCI Series

PMC-4B-PCI Series

4- Axis board type programmable motion controller
4-axis board type programmable motion controller PMC-4B-PCI is PC based PCI card products realizing 4-axis independent AC servo and stepping motor control. Also, it features interpolated control for circular arc/straight line, bit pattern, continuous, acceleration driving. Moreover, the series supports returning to the starting point action and synchronization. Up to 4Mpps of interpolate speed and 2, 3-axis steady linear velocity improves user’s convenience.
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Main features

● 4-Axis board type programmable motion controller
● Available to control 4-Axis independent AC servo motorand stepper motor
● PC-PCI card
● Auto home search and synchronous operation
● Interpolation on circular/linear, bit pattern/continuous/ ac/deceleration drive
● 2/3-Axis constant linear velocity.
● Compatible with windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, 7
● Supports Labview library and help, C language library and examples (download them at Autonics website)


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