PSAN Series


PSAN Series

Digital Display Pressure Sensors

The PSAN series digital display pressure sensors can measure and display various types of pressure including gas, liquid, and oil. The auto shift function adjusts the pressure level to match the change in original pressure, providing stable and accurate output. The sensors also feature various user-friendly functions including zero-point adjustment, peak value monitoring, and chattering prevention.

Main features

※ Bottom port models for pneumatic (gas) type have been added to the lineup.

  • Pressure measurement of any gas, liquid or oil (except substances which may corrode stainless steel 304/316L)
  • Auto shift function: with change in the original pressure, the external input adjusts the determined level to match the change in pressure (only available in models with auto shift/hold function)
  • Hold function: hold current display value or control output
  • Forced output control mode for device testing and maintenance
  • One-touch connector type for easy wiring and maintenance
  • Zero-point adjustment function, peak value monitoring function, chattering prevention function
  • Wide Pressure Range

  • Dual Output

  • Stable Output with Change in Pressure

  • Pressure Measurement Range (Negative, Standard, Compound)

    The sensors can measure negative, standard, and compound pressure. Compound pressure can be measured up to 1,000 kPa

  • Auto Shift Function 

    With change in the original pressure, the external input adjusts the determined level to match the change in pressure.

Bottom Port and Rear Port Models Available

The sensors are available in bottom port and rear port models for easy installation in diverse environments.

  • One-Touch Connector Wiring

    The one-touch, push-to-connect wiring allows easier connection and maintenance (connector types only)


Mobile LCD Manufacturing

  • Pressure sensors, 5-phase stepper motors and motor drivers, photomicro sensors, interface terminal blocks, and logic panels are used during inspection process of LCD displays used in mobile electronic devices.

Potato chip manufacturing and packaging process

  • This is an application example of potato chip manufacturing and packaging process using Autonics products.

Potato Washing Conveyors

  • Digital pressure sensors are used to measure the pressure of water sprays in potato washing conveyors.

Confirm Reference Pressure in Pipes

  • Dual display pressure sensors are used to check and confirm reference pressure in pipes of packaging lines.

Semiconductor Parts Manufacturing

  • Dual display pressure sensors used to detect suction status semiconductor parts during semiconductor manufacturing process.

Container Transport Conveyors

  • Dual display pressure sensors are used for air-leak test of PET bottles during packaging material manufacturing.


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