GP-S057 Series

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5.7-Inch Monochrome Widescreen Graphic Panels (Discontinued)

The GP-S057 series graphic panels are 5.7-inch monochrome graphic HMIs with simple operation and various user-friendly functions. The graphic panels can display up to 1590 characters per screen, and users may save up to 500 screen pages. The GP-S057 series allows control and monitoring of various devices connected via communication ports. Various fonts including bitmap fonts and user selected fonts are supported. Printer and bar code readers are also supported for printing alarm history or reading bar codes.

Main features

  • Displays max. 1590 characters
  • Enables to save max. 500 pages of user screen
  • Easy software upgrade available on website
    • (1) GP firmware file
    • (2) GP Editor (drawing program)
    • (3) Additional protocol
  • Different devices monitoring function : Allows to monitor and control the variables of additionally connected controllers (such as PLC) with external communication port
  • Supports multilingual : Supports Korean, Japanese, English, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese and Portuguese. Additional languages will be available by firmware.
  • Supports multi-font : It provides various bitmap and user-selected fonts.
  • Various multi-communication port : Both RS232C 2 port or RS232C/RS422 compound port are provided.
  • Device monitoring function : It enables to monitor GP devices and connected controller devices by GP without graphic design data.
  • Printer and barcode reader connection : It enables to print alarm history connecting a printer and read barcode connecting a barcode reader.
  • Compact design : Minimizes module size and installation places by 5.7 inch display area
  • Various display function : It displays data by various tags.
Developed & Designed By:
Eng. Haitham Abdelraouf @2021