AFR Series


Quick Connect Interface Terminal Blocks (Rising Clamp Type)

The AFR series interface terminal blocks utilize a rising clamp type connection with built-in screws for easy, secure and durable connection. The terminal blocks also feature a slim and compact design with 5 mm terminal pitch. The AFR series can be easily mounted with DIN rail locks or screw/bolt connection and are available in 20-pin, 40-pin, and 50-pin terminal models for diverse applications.

Main features

  • Rising clamp type connection method offers easy and durable connection
  • Slim and compact design with 5 mm terminal pitch
  • Ideal for connector type PLCs and motion device I/O
  • DIN rail mount and screw mount installation
  • picto-01

    Rising Clamp Type

  • picto-02

    Slim Design

  • picto-03

    Operation Indicator

  • picto-04

    Screw Mount

  • picto-05

    DIN Rail Mount

  • Various Lineup

    The AFR series allows the flexibility for user’s needs and applications with various lineup.  

  • Simple and Secure Connection Method

    The AFR series feature rising clamp type connection, with built-in screws for simple and easy connection. This connection method offers high vibration resistance and secure and durable connection.

  • Slim and Compact Design

    The slim and compact design with 5 mm terminal pitch allows space-saving installation.  

  • Operation Status Indicators

    Users can easily check the status of the terminals with the power indicator (red LED) and operation indicators (blue LED)

    Only on AFL-H20/40-LN(P) models

  • DIN Rail and Screw Mount Methods

    The AFL series support both DIN rail mount and screw mount methods, for easy application in diverse environment.

Developed & Designed By:
Eng. Haitham Abdelraouf @2021