SFLA Series


SFLA Series

Safety Light Curtains (High Performance Type)

   The SFLA series safety light curtains are installed in potentially dangerous or hazardous areas to safeguard personnel from injury. The light curtains feature proven technology from Autonics area sensors and mapping sensors. The light curtains are built to meet international safety standards and regulations. Various detection models (finger/hand/hand-body detection) and safety functions are available for diverse applications. The dedicated software atLightCurtain allows real-time status monitoring user settings such as automatic muting/blanking area functions.

Main features

  • International safety standard and regulation compliance
    : Type 4 ESPE(AOPD), SIL3, SIL CL3, Category 4, PL e, CE, UL Listed, S-Mark
  • 3 detection type models available (finger, hand, hand-body detection)
  • Various models by protection height (144 to 1,868 mm)
  • Various safety-related functions & self-diagnosis functions
    – Safety-related : interlock, lockout, EDM, muting, override, blanking, reduced resolution, etc.
    – Self-diagnosis : mutual interference protection, ambient light detection, malfunction sensor detection
  • Selectable detection distance (short/long mode) & Switch control output settings (NPN/PNP output)
  • Operation status reading with 7-segment display and LED indicators
  • Easy beam adjustment with top and bottom beam indicators
  • Output display indicator on top displays light received/blocked status and muting status. Additional lamp not required.
  • 4 non-safety outputs for various applications (2 AUX, 2 lamp)
  • Detail function settings with dedicated software atLightCurtain (SFLA models)

Korean patent pending 10-2020-0026520, Korean patent pending 10-2020-0049173, Korean patent pending 10-2020-0036750, Korean patent pending 10-2020-0026480, Korean patent pending 10-2020-0026519, Korean patent pending 10-2019-0158569, International patent pending PCT/KR2020/017889, International patent pending PCT/KR2020/017890, Korean design registration 30-0999136, Korean design registration 30-0999137

  • Finger Detection

  • Hand Detection

  • Finger-Hand Detection

  • 7-Segment Display

  • Long Range
    (Long Mode)

  • Various Protection Circuits

  • Dedicated Software

  • Protection Rating

Various Models Available for Diverse Applications

Finger detection (Ø14 mm), hand detection (Ø20 mm), hand-body detection (Ø30 mm) models available for application in diverse user environments.

Easy Installation

Users can check light received status during installation with the beam indicator on the top and bottom of the unit. Standard and adjustable brackets are available and can be installed on top, bottom, or middle of the units. The adjustable brackets can be adjusted by 15 degrees to right or left for easier installation.

  • High Visibility with Operation Display/Indicator

    The units feature 7-segment display and LED indicators for easy status readings. 

  • Slim Size and High Durability

    The units feature slim size L 35 mm x D 29 mm with hardened casing and protection to the screen areas.

  • Dedicated Software Provided (atLightCurtain) 

    atLightCurtain is a dedicated software to monitor functions of SFLA series light curtains. (Detailed settings may not be available on standard type SFL series) 

  • Safety Light Curtains LOTO(Lockout-Tagout) Device (Sold Separately)

    SFL-LT is an accessory for safety light curtains SFL/SFLA series. The lockout function can be used to protect the operator by manually blocking the optical beam and maintaining interlock status of the light curtains.

Developed & Designed By:
Eng. Haitham Abdelraouf @2021