SFC-R Series


SFC-R Series

Safety Relay Units

The SFC-R series safety controllers are used together with safety input devices (switches, sensors, etc.) to provide safe working environments. The controllers feature self-diagnosis function and safety integrity to meet safety standards. The space-saving slim design and screw or screw-less push-in connection allows easy installation.

Main features

  • Slim size (17.5 mm / 22.5 mm)
  • LED indicator to display various operation status (power / input / logic input / errors / feedback / output)
  • Screw / screw-less wiring connection models
  • Auxiliary PNP output model
  • OFF-delay output and time setting
  • International safety standard and regulation compliance : SIL3, SIL CL3, PL e, CE, UL Listed, S-Mark

Korea Design Registration 30-1005605

  • Slim Size

  • Push-In Connection

  • Screw Connection

  • OFF-Delay Output

  • Status LED

  • Safety Rating

  • Slim Space-Saving Design

    The slim space-saving design (minimum width 17.5 mm) allows flexible installation in tight or limited spaces.

  • Easy Wiring for Time Saving Installation

    The push-in type connection method allows easy and tight connection of ferrule crimp wire without requiring additional tools or expertise. Screw connection type is also available.

  • OFF-Delay Output and Time Setting

    The relay units support safety OFF-delay output function for up to 30 seconds.

Developed & Designed By:
Eng. Haitham Abdelraouf @2021