PSB Series


PSB Series

Rectangular Type Digital Display Pressure Sensors

The PSB series compact digital pressure sensors feature high display resolutions and fast response time for optimal performance. The sensors also feature various output modes and functions, making it ideal for various pressure related applications. The bright LED display allows users to quickly and easily identify pressure level and status. Connector type models (PSB-C) are also available, offering easier maintenance and wiring work.

Main features

  • High accuracy digital pressure sensor
  • Bright red LED display (character height : 9.5mm)
  • High display resolution : negative pressure 0.1kPa/standard pressure 0.1kPa, 1kPa/compound pressure 0.2kPa
  • Unit conversion function
    • – negative, compound pressure : kPa, kgf/cm², bar, psi, mmHg, mmH₂O, inHg
    • – standard pressure : kPa, kgf/cm², bar, psi
  • Various output modes : hysteresis mode, automatic sensitivity adjustment mode, independent 2-point output mode, window comparison output mode
  • Chattering prevention function (response time : 2.5ms, 5ms, 100ms, 500ms)
  • Analog output (1-5VDC) scale function
  • Zero-point adjustment function
  • Peak value and low value hold function
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection circuit, overcurrent protection circuit


Developed & Designed By:
Eng. Haitham Abdelraouf @2021