MS4S and ST7P series



Design features of MS4S series

  • Time-scale indication window and time-scale selector
    By turning a time-scale selector, thetiming-scales appear in the indication windows one set a time. Although this is a multimode timer, the optional times such as 56 or 27minutes can be easily set with the direct-reading time-scale.
  • Compact timer with instantaneous contact
    On-delay timers with instantaneous contact, as well as multimode and on-delay timers, are compact. The front to back length of the timers is only 66.5mm.
  • Operation mode indication window and operation mode selector
    Four operation modes are provided(MS4SM type only).
    By turning the operation mode selector, the on-delay, flicker, one-shot, or signal off-delay operation mode can be selected. The presentmode is shown in the operation mode indication window with the marks PO, FL, OS or SF.
  • LED power ON and output indicator
    The power-source lamp (Green) is lit when power is on and flickers during timer operation.
    The output lamp (Red) is lit when the timed NO contact is on.
  • Wide range of AC supply voltage
    Supply voltages of 100 to 240V AC are commonly available (ordering code: AP type only).
  • Instantaneous operation function with 0 indication
    When the timer dial is set at 0, output is given instantaneously, allowing sequence checks to be performed easily.
  • Time unit indication window and time unit selector
    By turning the time selector, time units of 0.1 sec., sec., min, and hours. can be selected and made to appear in the indication window.
  • Improvement of resistance to waveform distortion
    The resistance to distortion of secondary voltage waveform of the power supply caused by inverters and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) is improved.
  • UL, and TÜV approved

Design features of ST7P series

  • These Super Timers are highly accurate.
    Their repeat accuracy is less than ±1% at maximum setting time.
  • Timing range
    ST7P and ST7B are the single timing range types; 0.06 sec. to 24 hours.
  • The large setting dial makes time setting easy.
  • The LED indicators make it easy to check timer operation.
  • The ST7P has been approved by the UL, and TÜV.
Developed & Designed By:
Eng. Haitham Abdelraouf @2021