GP-A104 Series

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10.4-Inch Color LCD Graphic Panels

The GP-A104 series graphic panels are 10.4-inch widescreen TFT LCD graphic HMIs offering excellent visibility and data management capability. The resistive touchscreen (analog touch) allows flexible tag arrangements, and the data logger function allows data storing and backup from various control devices. The units can be installed horizontally or vertically, and also feature support for various connection interfaces including USB Host/Device, Ethernet, and CAN.

Main features

  • Horizontal/vertical installation
  • Various communication interface support: RS232C, RS422/485, Ethernet, CAN
  • Device monitoring of connected device possible without screen data
  • Multi-language table feature allows users to switch languages with a single button
  • atDesigner screen editor software provided
    – Various support functions, extensive image library
    – Convenient user interface
  • 10.4-inch TFT LCD True Color display capable up to 16,777,216 color variations
  • Resistive touchscreen allows operation with bare hands, gloved fingers, or stylus
  • 10.4-Inch Touchscreen

  • Vertical/Horizontal Setup

  • Resolution

  • Screen Editor Software

  • 10.4-Inch Display

    The large 10.4-inch display allows users to see more menus, switches, data logs, and other important information on a single screen.

  • Elegant and Stylish Design

    The HMI features an elegant and stylish design with black bezels and hidden logo.

    Elegant and Stylish Design
  • Horizontal or Vertical Installation Depending on User Needs

    The panels can be installed horizontally or vertically depending on user needs or applications, offering high installation flexibility.

    Horizontal or Vertical Installation Depending on User Needs
  • CAN Communication

    The GP-A104 series can be set as a Master device with CANopen communication protocol to connect multiple I/O devices. Autonics ARD Series and ARIO(DeviceNet models) series I/O can be used as slavedevices.

    CAN Communication

atDesigner Screen Editor Software with User Oriented UI/UX Design

  • atDesigner

    All data on the GP screen can be edited using the dedicated screen editor software atDesigner. The user oriented UI/UX design allows users to easily utilize all features on the software.

  • atDesigner

    The image library can be upgraded to create more realistic looking screen layouts.

Developed & Designed By:
Eng. Haitham Abdelraouf @2021