F-MPC04S series


F-MPC04S features

  • Output functions for preventive maintenance selectable
    -Power alarm/current prealarm
    -kWh pulse output
    -Leakage current alarm, leakage current prealarm output (model with leakage current measuring function) only
  • Capable of measuring inrush current of welders
    -High-speed sampling and calculation of voltage and current
  • Compact design allows installation almost anywhere.
    -Space-saving construction simplifies installation.
    -Suited for monitoring individual equipment, section, and floor
  • Networking capability
    -RS-485 interface.
    -Can be connected to power distribution system same way as the power monitoring equipment F-MPC 60B, 30, 04 (UM04,UM02) series products

Types and ratings


Communications specifications

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