VDL200 AC Lift drive series for geared elevator systems

The VDL200 drive series is designed for low and medium rise geared applications in both open and closed loop with  asynchronous motors.

High-performance control algorithms allow installation in sensorless configuration while maintaining the comfort level provided by high-range inverters.

Available with built-in I/O and encoder card for Plug & Play installation, make the VDL200 ideal for modernizing obsolete systems as well as for new installations.

The drive conforms to amendment A3 in standard EN81 regarding Unintended Car Movement.

The advanced control algorithm guarantees high level performance even in open loop.

The Pre-torque function allows a smooth start.


Power Data
* Power supply: 3 x 230-400Vac, -15%+10%, 50Hz
* Motor power ratings from 4kW to 22kW
* Overload: 200% for 10 seconds
* Motor type: Asynchronous

EMC & Mark Compliances:

  • Integrated EMI Filter for EN 12015; EN 61800-3 2nd environment, category C2 and C3
  • CE Mark
  • Conforms to UNI EN 81-1:1998 + A3:2009, article 9.11.3

Main Features

  • Multispeed control
  • Short floor management
  • Emergency single-phase power supply for floor return with low energy optimization
  • Flexible ramp management
  • Integrated braking unit
  • Communication with control board via I/O
  • Management of TTL incremental digital encoders
  • Integrated EMI filter for versions (VDL200….-F)

Product Set-Up

  • The configuration set-up can be done by the following:
  • Optional alphanumeric keypad (KB-ADL)
  • PC with Graphical User Interface GF-eXpress

Easy and safe start-up
Thanks to the Wizard and the different access profiles (easy and expert) the configuration of the drive is fast and intuitive. The still autotuning is quickly performed, avoiding operators to decouple the car from the ropes, assuring a safe working environment and a faster commissioning.


  • KB-ADL multilingual programming keypad with memory (up to 5 configurations)
  • Dedicated external EMC filters (for version without integrated EMC Filter).
  • External braking resistors
  • AC and DC input chokes
Developed & Designed By:
Eng. Haitham Abdelraouf @2021