Residual Current Circuit Breaker Test Device


It used to test the leakage current protection switches correctly. Before starting the test, please read the instruction manual and follow the steps there.

Main Features

  • Test steps: 15.30,50,100,150,300 mA – adjustable.
  • Trip time measurement: Trip time measurement in ms at 15,30,50,100,150,300mA
  • The max signal application time for testing is 1000ms.
  • The power to be checked can be seen on the display and the PWR Led light.
  • Un: 230V AC
  • Display: 2×8 LCD screen
  • Battery Life: The product can measure 1500 time with 9V rechargeable battery.
Developed & Designed By:
Eng. Haitham Abdelraouf @2021