PRD Series


PRD Series

Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensors with Long Sensing Distance (Cable Type)

The PRD series inductive proximity sensors feature long sensing distances and excellent noise immunity with a specialized sensor IC developed by Autonics. Available in various sizes and sensing distances, the high performance cylindrical inductive sensors can be used in diverse applications requiring non-contact detection of metallic objects. The sensors also feature strain relief cables for improved flexural strength and durability. The PRD series is available in DC 2-wire, DC 3-wire types.

Main features

※ DC 3-wire Ø 8 mm size models have been added to the lineup

  • Long sensing distance and excellent noise immunity with specialized sensor IC
  • Built-in surge protection circuit, reverse polarity protection circuit, and overcurrent protection circuits
  • Simple operation, reliable performance, and high durability
  • Operation indicator (red LED)
  • Durable and reliable alternative to micro switches and limit switches
  • Strain relief cables: improved flexural strength of cable connecting component (except PRDT08-□DO-□ model)
  • IP67 protection structure (IEC standard)
  • Long Sensing Distance

  • High Noise Immunity

  • Various Protection Circuits

  • Protection Rating

Available in Various Sizes

The sensors are available in Ø 8 mm Ø 12 mm, Ø 18 mm, Ø 30 mm size models, allowing installation in tight or limited spaces and various other user settings.

Long Sensing Distance

The PRD series sensors feature longer sensing distance (1.5 to 2x) compared to Autonics PR series standard inductive sensors.

Strain Relief Cables

The PRD series features strain relief cables with improved flexural strength of cable connecting component, allowing higher durability when bending the cables.

except PRDT08-□DO-□ model

Oil-Resistant (PVC) Cable

The robust oil-resistant cable allows the sensors to be installed in environments with hydraulic fluids or cutting fluids.

IP67 Protection Structure

The IP67 protection structure allows stable and error-free operation even in wet or dusty environments

Developed & Designed By:
Eng. Haitham Abdelraouf @2021