KRN100 Series


100 mm Hybrid Recorders

The KRN100 series hybrid recorders can measure and record various industrial data including temperature, level, pressure and more. The measured values can be displayed on the LCD screen or printed on strip charts. Measurement data can be stored on the USB memory and can be printed later using the data logger function. Remote parameter setting is possible through USB connection. The recorders support up to 12 input channels with slot type input cards.

Main features

  • 100mm paper recorder
  • Writable data logger function without paper (supports internal memory and external USB memory data backup)
  • 25 to 250ms high speed sampling, 10 to 240mm/H high graph mode recording
  • 6 kinds of recording color
  • Easy parameter setting with quick menu
  • Internal parameter setting and monitoring via USB, RS485, Ethernet communication
  • High visibility and convenient setting with graphic LCD
  • Various inputs of up to 12 channels with slot type input card
  • Total 27 types of input specifications (weight, voltage, current, frequency, potentiometer, and various input card can be ordered)
  • Reduced installation space with small size (rear length: 168mm)
  • Slot Type Input Cards

  • Multi-Channel

  • Various Input

  • RS485 Communication(Modbus RTU)

  • Dedicated Software

  • Combined Functions of Strip Chart and Paperless Recorders

    Recorded data can be printed on 100 mm strip charts or stored in internal or external USB memory. 

  • Easy Parameter Setting with Quick Menu

    The quick menu features frequently used parameters so that users can easily configure the parameters.

  • Slot Type Input/Output Cards 

    Slot type input/output cards allows users to select from various option cards. Up to 12 channels of input is available.

  • Remote Parameter Setting and Monitoring with USB, RS485, Ethernet Connection

    Users can set parameters, monitor status, and send data to external devices through USB, RS485, Ethernet connection with master devices (PC, graphic panels, etc.)

Developed & Designed By:
Eng. Haitham Abdelraouf @2021

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