KN-1000B Series


Bar Graph Indicators

The KN-1000B series bar graph indicators are capable of processing various inputs including thermocouple, RTD, and analog inputs. The series also supports alarm, transmission, and RS485 communication outputs. The LED bar graph and digital display allows users to easily identify measured values.

Main features

  • High accuracy with 16 bit ADC (±0.2% F.S.)
  • Multi-input
    – Thermometer 12 types
    – RTD 5 types
    – Analog: current 2 types/voltage 4 types
  • 101 LED bar graph (green)
  • Various output options
    – Alarm output: 2 points/4 points
    – 4-20mA transmission output (isolated), RS485 communication output
  • Various functions
    – Bar graph alarm display
    – High/Low peak input monitoring
    – Alarm output (upper/lower, sensor break)
    – Transmission output/display scale
    – Digital input (DI), etc.
  • Built-in power supply for sensor/transmitter (24VDC)
  • Small size (rear length: 70mm)
Developed & Designed By:
Eng. Haitham Abdelraouf @2021