G-TWIN series for DC applications


Circuit breaker compatible with DC750V and 1000V circuit, ideal for photovoltaic facilities.

Circuit breaker compatible with DC750V and 1000V, is ideal for Junction box and power conditioner use for photovoltaic power generation.

As the growing needs for eco-friendly facilities and installation, the cases utilizes DC breaker meant for photovoltaic installation, UPS, and storage battery have been on rise. Answers to customers needs by proposing the product lines with DC breaker suitable for power conditioner (PCS) of industrial photovoltaic power generation.


Design features

Same dimension for G-TWIN 400-800AF.
3 pole covers up to DC750V, 4 poles up to DC1000V.
internal and outer accesories share the specifications with G-TWIN series.
Compliance with international and domestic standards. JIS, IEC, EN (CE Mark) *UL application under review.
Non-automatic trip(Load break switch) is also available.

Types and ratings

Types and Specifications

Ampere-frame 400 630 800
Type BW400RAG*1 BW630RAG*1 BW800RAG*1
Pole/Element 3P3E 4P4E 3P3E 4P4E 3P3E 4P4E
Rated insulation voltage Ui〔DC V〕 750 1000 750 1000 750 1000
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp〔kV〕 8
Rated current〔A〕 250,300,350,400 500,600,630 700,800
Rated breaking capacity〔Icu/Ics〕 IEC/EN/JIS DC1000V 5/5 5/5 5/5
DC750V 10/5 10/5 10/5 10/5 10/5 10/5
Tripping device Thermal-magnetic
Type (Non-automatic trip) BW400RAS*1 BW630RAS*1 BW800RAS*1
a 140 185 210 280 210 280
b 257 275 275
c 103 103 103
d 146 146 146

*1 Please specify “C8,C9,D8,orD9” at the tail end of the type according to the method of installation.

Developed & Designed By:
Eng. Haitham Abdelraouf @2021