BJ Series


BJ Series

Compact High Performance Photoelectric Sensors

The BJ series compact photoelectric sensors feature high performance and excellent noise immunity for accurate and reliable presence detection. Light ON/Dark ON operation mode switch and sensitivity adjusters are available for easy configuration and set up (except BJG-DDT). The sensors are available in various types and options, making it ideal for diverse applications. The BJ series is available in long distance type, BGS (background suppression) reflective type, transparent glass sensing type, and micro spot types, and the sensors are available in cable types and connector types (long distance type models).

Main features

Common Features

  • Compact size : W10.6×H32×L20mm
  • Light ON/Dark ON operation mode switch (except BJG30-DDT)
  • Sensitivity adjuster (except BJG30-DDT)
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection circuit and output overcurrent (short-circuit) protection circuit
  • Mutual interference prevention function (except BGS reflective type)
  • Excellent noise immunity and minimal influence from ambient light
  • IP65 protection structure (IEC standard)/IP67 for BJ-C connector types

Long Distance Type

  • High performance lens with long sensing distance
    • – Through-beam type : 15m
    • – Diffuse reflective type : 1m
    • – Polarized retroreflective type : 3m (MS-2A)
  • M.S.R. (Mirror Surface Rejection) function (polarized retroreflective type) for detecting mirrors or highly reflective targets
  • Mutual interference prevention function (except through-beam type)

BGS Reflective Type

  • BGS (background suppression) minimizes detection errors from background objects and the color or material of target objects. Also the detecting distance can be configured with the sensitivity adjuster.
  • Visible light source allows users to identify the sensing area, and the tiny spot size minimizes influence from surrounding objects

Transparent Glass Sensing Type/Micro Spot Type

  • Stable detection of transparent targets (LCD, PDP, glass etc.) (transparent glass sensing types)
  • Check sensing area with visible micro spot (micro spot types)
  • Detect tiny objects (minimum target size : Ø0.2mm copper wire)
  • BackgroundSuppression(BGS) Sensing

  • M.S.R Function

    Mirror SurfaceRejection (MSR)

  • Detect TransparentTargets(BJG30-DDT)

  • Detect Tiny Targets(Micro Spot Type)

  • Dark ON/Light ONSwitch

  • Improved NoiseImmunity

  • IP67

    Protection Rating(connector type)

  • Various Sensing Distance and Target Sizes

    Various Sensing Distance and Target Sizes
Type Long distance sensing type Transparent glass sensing type BGS reflective type Micro spot type
Sensing type Through-beam type Retroreflective type Diffuse reflective type Diffuse reflective type BGS reflective type Narrow beam reflective type
Sensing distance 15m, 10m / 7m 0.1 to 3m 1m, 300mm, 100mm 30mm, (15mm)*1 10 to 30mm, 10 to 50mm 30 to 70mm, 70 to 130mm
Sensing target opaque material>Ø12 / Ø8 mm opaque material
>Ø75 mm
translucent material
transparent glass,
translucent material
translucent material
>Ø0.2 mm opaque,
translucent material

1. The sensing distance for transparent glass 50 x 50 mm, t=3.0 mm.

Refer catalogue for details and size of the sensor according to the sensing distance.

  • Mutual Interference Prevention Function

    Mutual interference prevention function allows multiple sensor units to be installed close to each other. (Except through-beam, BGS reflective types)

    Mutual Interference Prevention Function

Excellent Noise Immunity and Minimal Influence from Ambient Light

  • Improved noise immunity by using digital filters with noise evasion algorithm
  • Minimal influence from ambient light with ambient light prevention algorithm
  • Operation and Stability Indicators

    Stability Indicator(Check stable sensitivity), Operation Indicator(Check operation status)
  • Visible Light Source to Check Detection Area

    Available in micro spot types, BGS reflective types, and diffuse reflective types (BJ300-DDT models)

    Visible Light Source to Check Detection Area
  • Sensitivity Adjuster and Operation Mode Switch

    Sensitivity adjuster is not available in transparent glass sensing types.

    Sensitivity Adjuster and Operation Mode Switch
  • M3 Bolt Side Mounting Method

    M3 Bolt Side Mounting Method
Developed & Designed By:
Eng. Haitham Abdelraouf @2021