TM Series

TM Series

Multi-channel modular type temperature controller
Multi-channel module type PID temperature controllers TM Series realizes 4-channel (100ms) / 2-channel (50ms) high-speed controlling with superior sampling cycle. Side connector connection makes less wiring work and close mounting possible up to 31 units, 124 channels without additional power & communication wires for expansion modules. PC parameter setting and monitoring is possible via RS485 communication or dedicated USB cable. In addition, more reliable controlling can be realized thru various convenient functions.
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Main features

● Multi-channel(4 channel/ 2 channel) simultaneous controlling possible
● High-speed sampling cycle(4 channel: 100ms, 2 channel: 50ms)
● No communication and power supply for expansion modules required by using side connectors: Max. 31 units (124 channels / 62 channels)
● Input channel isolated design(Dielectric strength 1,000 VAC)
● Heating/Cooling simultaneous controlling
● Allows parameter setting by USB port of PC
: Free download the integrated device management program(DAQMaster)
※Communication converter, sold separately
: SCM-WF48(Wi-Fi to RS485/USB communication converter(availabe soon), SCM-US(USB to Serial converter), SCM-38I(RS-232C to RS485 converter), SCM-US48I(USB to RS485 converter)
● Parameter setting by SCM-US without power/wiring
● Easy maintenance via connector type connection
: Sensor input connector, control output connector, power/communication connector
● Multi input / Multi range
● Heater disconnection function(CT input) ※ CT, sold separately: CSTC-E80LN, CSTC-E200LN

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