SRC1 SeriesSRC1 Series

SRC1 Series

Highly Reliable Slim Detachable Heatsink Type SSR with 4,000 Dielectric Strength
Autonics’ SRC1 Series is a slim detachable heatsink type SSR (Solid State Relay) that maximizes heat protection efficiency by incorporating ceramic board. Detachable heatsink allows easier maintenance and dielectric strength of 4,000VAC offers higher reliability. Also, slim size of 22.5mm in width means easier installation in narrow spaces. Application areas include power control in heater loads, semi-conductors devices, industrial machines and motors.
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Main Features

● Compact size(width 22.5mm)
● Superior dielectric strength : 4,000VAC
● Improved reliability by maximizing heat protection efficiency with ceramic board
● Supports Zero cross turn-on/Random turn-on type
● Checks input status by Input LED(green)


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