PT SeriesPT Series

PT Series

Sensor Distribution Box (4-Pin / 5-Pin M12 Connector Type)
The PT Series sensor distribution boxes are available in 5-pin and 4-pin M12 connector types and provide flexibility for installing multiple sensors in various applications. With 4, 6, and 8 ports, the distribution boxes can supply power and receive signals for sensors using M12 connectors. The PT Series can simplify complicated wiring work and make connection work easy. Operation status can be easily checked using power indicators (green LED) and operation indicators (red LED).
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Main Features

* Product line-up: 4-pin M12 connector type (cable type), 5-pin M12 connector type (cable type, connector type)
* Check operation status with operation indicator (red LED)
* Supply power to multiple sensors using a single power supply
* Simplify complicated wiring
* IP67 protection structure (with waterproof cover) (IEC standard)
* IP66 protection structure (with protection cover) (IEC standard)
* Supports 1-signal, 2-signal (DC 4-wire type)


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