Power Center(GL Type)

A distribution equipment of 600V or less used by power plants or water and power distribution system, LS Industrial Systems’ GL Type Power Center can be applied to various industrial uses by adopting low voltage switchgear standards, JEM-1265 or IEC 60439.

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GL Type power center has a circuit breaker compartment in the front side, where removable ACB is installed, and a busbar and cable compartment in the rear side. Control circuit instruments are situated on the door and the front of the circuit breaker compartment.

Circuit Breaker Compartment

Interlocks are provided as follows for safety during removal of ACB:
-While ACB is on, insertion / removal is impossible.
-Turning-on and trip of ACB through electrical instruction are possible at connection and testing position only (not permitted at neutral position)
-Manual turning-on and trip of ACB are possible at connection, testing and disconnection positions only (not permitted at neutral position)

Busbar and cable

Located in the rear part of the board is the busbar compartment where horizontal busbar, a branch conductor to ACB and terminals connecting ACB with external parts are positioned. Connection to outside parts can be done by either cable or bus duct. The busbar compartment can be easily accessed by opening the rear cover for maintenance services.

Truck-mounted PT (Optional)

PTs are of removable type with both primary and secondary fuses attached to the truck. PT can be checked by drawing out the truck even while the main circuit is live.


Casing Size
Circuit system Type of ACB Rated current of ACB(A) Possible Stacks Casing Size(mm) Width X Height X Depth
3 Ø 3W LBA-06 630 3 700(600) X 2300 X 1200
LBA-10 1000
LBA-13 1250
LBA-16 1600
LBA-20 2000
LBA-25 2500
LBA-32 3200 2 800 X 2300 X 1500
LBA-40 4000 1 1000 X 2300 X 1800
LBA-50 5000
3 Ø 4W LBA-06 630 3 700 X 2300 X 1500
LBA-10 1000
LBA-13 1250
LBA-16 1600
LBA-20 2000 900 X 2300 X 1500
LBA-25 2500
LBA-32 3200 2 1000 X 2300 X 1500
LBA-40 4000 1200 X 2300 X 1800
LBA-50 5000

1. In the cases of ambient temperature of 40°C or higher, anti-vibration structure or setup of special board, conducting, current may decline. Please contact LSIS in such case.
2. In the case of special structure specifications, the size of casing may vary. Please contact LSIS in such cases.
3. Please contact LSIS when the outgoing cable of feeder board exceeds 325㎟ X 2 strips per phase.