GIMAC-PQ is providing industry leading revenue metering functionality combined with advanced data-logging, communication and I/O systems. This product is designed to incorporate advanced features in a cost effective, small package for large scale within an electrical distribution system.

  • Features
  • Characteristics


  • Various measurement functions
    High accuracy (0.2%)
  • 15th Harmonics & THD, TDD, k-Factor
  • Event recording : Max. 256EA
  • Fault wave recording : Max. 60cycle
  • Analog Input : DC 4~20mA
  • MODBUS/RS-485
    Dual communication


Power quality functions
Power quality functions
Power quality Effective voltage Fault type Continuous time Remarks
Sag 0.1~0.9pu Instantaneous sag 0.5~30cycle * Fault wave : Max. 60cycle

* Event : Max. 256EA

* Blinking alarm LED

* Output Event DO

Momentary sag 30cycle~3sec
Temporary sag 3sec~1min
Swell 1.1~1.8pu Instantaneous swell 0.5~30cycle
Momentary swell 30cycle~3sec
Temporary swell 3sec~1min
Interruption 0.1pu and below Momentary Interruption 0.5~3sec
Temporary Interruption 3sec~1min
Undervoltage 0.8~0.9pu over 1min
Overvoltage 1.1~1.2pu over 1min
Measurement functions
Measurement functions
Model Measurement Display range Accuracy Remarks
GIMAC-PQ Current, I 0.000A ~ 999.99kA ±0.2% Ia, Ib, Ic, In
Voltage, V 0.000V ~ 999.99kV ±0.2% Va, Vb, Vc, Vab, Vbc, Vca
Active power, Watts 0.000W ~ 99999.9MW ±0.5%
Reactive power, Var 0.000Var ~ 99999.9MVar ±0.5%
Apparent power, VA 0.000VA ~ 99999.9MVA ±0.5%
Active energy, Wh 0.000Wh ~ 99999.9MWh ±0.5%
Reactive energy, Varh 0.000Varh ~ 99999.9MVarh ±0.5%
Frequency, F 45 ~ 70Hz ±0.05Hz
Power factor, PF -1.000 ~ 1.000 ±0.5% cosθ(+ : Lag, - : Lead)
Phase 0.000°~ 360.00° ±0.5°
Normal current, I1 0.000A ~ 999.99kA
Reverse phase current, I2 0.000A ~ 999.99kA
Zero phase voltage, Vo 0.000V ~ 999.99kV ±0.5% Vo, Vo_max
Normal voltage, V1 0.000V ~ 999.99kV
Reverse phase voltage, V2 0.000V ~ 999.99kV
Unbalanced factor 0.000 ~ 100.00%
Harmonics I 0.000A ~ 999.99kA 2nd ~15th
Harmonics V 0.000V ~ 999.99kV 2nd ~15th
Demand I 0.000A ~ 999.99kA Peak demand
Demand W 0.000W ~ 99999.9MW Peak demand
AI (Analog Input) 4.000 ~ 20.00mA ±0.5%
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