Energy Monitoring System: F-MPC I/O series

Digital I/O Unit now available to monitor energy usage (electricity, gas, water, etc.) and equipment operating status.

Include a F-MPC Web Unit to easily build a monitoring system.

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Energy Monitoring SystemF-MPC I/O Unit series

  • The energy monitoring system uses the F-MPC-Net communications protocol to monitor ON/OFF status, measure pulse signals, output alarm relays, and read flow meters.
  • Use the DI/DO Unit to input ON/OFF signals, count total pulses, and control the ON/OFF status of relay outputs.
  • Use RS-485 2-wire communications to send input status to a host, control relay outputs with ON/OFF commands from the host, and more.

Baisc specifications

I/O Specifications

(1) DI (Digital Input)There are 6 digital inputs, and they can be used to read ON/OFF status and count pulses.
With 2 of the 6 digital inputs, pulse widths of 10 ms or longer can be counted.
With the other 4 digital inputs, pulse widths of 50 ms or longer can be counted.
ON/OFF status can also be sent via communications.
The total count values for pulses can also be sent via communications.

(2) DO (Digital Output
There are 4 digital outputs and their ON/OFF status can be controlled via communications.

Circuit Configuration Diagram

Communications specifications