DSDA SeriesDSDA Series

DS/DA Series

Up to 24 digits expandable and one touch connection & replacement
Display units of DS/DA Series consist of 5 types of basic units, expansion units and symbol display units. Basic units are capable of directly entering inputs from serial, dynamic parallel and RS485 (Modbus) communications, Pt temperature sensors, communication outputs and Pt temperature sensor+RS485 communication outputs. Expansion units can be used to expand up to 24 digits. Also, symbol display units can be used to express industrial information by changing symbol face plates. In addition, user convenience was enhanced with connector-to-connector type multi-stage expansion of units and more diverse ways of expression is possible with 7/16 segments and red/green color options.
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Main features

Innovates existing display units and enables to wiring and replacement without soldering as Multi-stage connection
● Multi-stage connection by connector or connector cable to shorten wiring time
● Supports 5 types of basic input units
: Serial input, Dynamic parallel input, RS485 com. (Modbus) input,
Pt temp. sensor input,
Pt temp. sensor input+RS485 com. output
● Expandable multi-stage up to 24 digits
● Several sizes for 16, 22.5, 40, 60mm Various displays with 7/16 segment, and using red/green mixed
● Adapts high luminance LED
● Enables to display several units (changing unit name plates) and control turning ON and flashing by unit-display unit
● Displays 64 characters and signs (0 to 9, A to Z, 27 signs, decimal point)


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