Circuit protectors: F series

A perfect choice for the protection of your electrical equipment, or control circuit for control panels of all kind.
A global model, Super slim body with full of functions.

FUJI’s compact and high-performance CP-F series circuit protectors incorporate FUJI’s advanced technology.
Their thin sizes make them ideal for use as AC/DC line switches in office andindustrial equipment.

UL (File No.E96846)
TÜV (IEC)(R9650230)
CCC (China GB)(2003010309067080)

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  • Only 17.5mm wide — mounting spaceis reduced by 30% compared withconventional types.
  • AC/DC common use
  • Available with auxiliary switch and alarm switch
  • Also available in types having inertia delay characteristics
  • Trip-free mechanism
  • IEC rail mounting


Ratings of auxiliary and alarm switches