BKS Series (Din-rail type)

The BKS surge protective device is applied to the alternating current 50/60Hz, 220V/380V power system and provides the protection from the surge overvoltage of an electric system.

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What is SPD (Surge Protective Device)?
SPD is the device protecting various types of equipment from surge.
SPD is the device attenuating the overvoltage and noise and is called SPD or TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor).
Specialists in the industry call it SPD. The terms such as SPD and TVSS are used interchangeably.
SPD is the equipment designed to attenuate the dangerous overvoltage at the very short moment appearing in the power line or telephone line, data network,
CCTV circuit, cable TV circuit, and the power line and control line connected to the electronic equipment.

=Ex.) Blocking the general surge of SPD

Installation wiring method

* A separate fuse can be installed depending on the side conditions. (The fuse should be purchased separately is not supplied by LS.)

Product Rating

Product Rating
Pole 1, 2, 3, 4 Pole
Rated system voltage, Un  AC    [V] 220V 220/380V
Maximum continuous operating voltage, Uc  AC [V] 320V 320V 320V 420V 460V 320V 275V
Voltage protection level, Up    [kV] ≤ 1.0kV ≤ 1.2kV ≤ 1.5kV ≤ 2.0kV ≤ 2.3kV ≤ 1.5kV ≤ 2.5kV
Maximum discharge current, Imax(8/20㎲)

[kA, per mode]

10kA 20kA 40kA 60kA 70kA 40kA 100kA
Response time, ns < 25 ns
Usable ambient temperature, ℃ -40 ~ +80℃
Usable frequency, Hz 50/60Hz
Attachment type DIN-rail attachment type
Operation status indication window Normal operation : Green LED lighting, Abnormal / After an accident : Red lighting
Min. terminal connection 1 Phase and Neutral 2.5, Earth 4
Protection class Class III Class II
Alarm Contact No No No No No Yes Yes


* The surge protective device starts to operate above the maximum continuous operating voltage Uc (MCOV).