AiS Series

AiS Series

DC Type Pulse Control Servo System
AiS Series closed loop stepper motor system offers accurate and precise position control through feedback from the integrated encoder. The encoder feedback provides information of the current position in reference to the input pulse. The high resolution of 10,000 P/R and allows precise and accurate position control down to 0.036°. The Series also features high torque and low heat generation compared to similar in-class models from other brands, maximizing utility and enhancing safety. The system does not require tuning even after load changes, making it easy for anyone to operate easily without hassle.
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* Low cost closed loop system compared to servo motors
* Quick response rate makes it better for continuous drive compared to servo motors
* Higher torque compared to similar sized models from other brands
* High holding torque and no hunting during stop make it ideal for standstill applications
* Low vibration during low speed drive and high torque during high speed drive
* Photocoupler input method for high compatibility with various motion controllers and PLCs
* Various alarm outputs: overcurrent, overspeeding, overheating, motor contact error, etc.


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