Regen and AC/DC power suppliers

  • AFE200 Regenerative active front end power suppliers


    The AFE200 offers a number of advantages:

    •  “Clean Power” thanks to the unit power factor and reduced harmonic distortion (<5%)
    • Enhanced system dynamics during drive and regeneration
    • Considerable energy savings during regeneration transients
    • Improved stability of the DC Bus circuit under load changes
    • Significant cost-effectiveness with the single power supply system
    • Elimination of uneconomical conventional braking systems and braking resistors

    The AFE200 range has power ratings of 22kW to 1.65MW for three-phase power supplies of 400VAC to 690VAC.
    Ease of use and intuitive programming make it possible for users of any level to exploit the high-level performance of Active Front End technology for a broad range of applications where there is a need for real energy saving.


    • LCL filter (mandatory)
    • Pre-load kit, includes resistor and 2 pre-load contactors (mandatory)
    • External EMI mains filter
  • FFE200 Regenerative fundamental front end power suppliers


    FFE200 series is the Gefran solution for regenerative power supply to be used as an alternative to traditional braking resistors.
    Everytime there is no stringent harmonic distortion requirements, which by the way can be addressed by the AFE200 series, the Fundamental Front End technology allows to supply the high power drive through the DC bus.

    How the FFE200 application can provide benefits:

    • Cabinet size Reduced
    • No Complex filters required being the sole AC
    • Choke enough to guarantee a sufficient level of harmonic distortion.
    • Efficiency enhancement of the internal power module
    • Limited internal dissipative losses.

    The FFE200 line includes a range with rated currents of up to 880A in stand-alone configuration and 4000A in parallel configuration for three-phase 400V AC and 690 V AC power supplies.
    Highly versatile, it can be used with the SMB200 when the system has different motorizing energy and braking needs, thereby reducing overall system cost.

    • Line inductance (mandatory)
    • External EMI mains filter

  • SM32 AC/DC power suppliers


    The SM32 devices are AC/DC three-phase half-controlled suppliers designed to supply constant voltage to the DC link inverters.
    SM32 is suitable to power supply both single and multiple inverter systems parallel connected to a common DC link.
    The precharge of the leveling capacitors, which can be set via internal dip-switches, is performed by partializing the Mains voltage via an input thyristor bridge.
    A diagnostic circuit allows to set the delay time for the switching off of the power thyristor during a power dip.

    – Relay outputs: 1 drive OK contact (normally open, closed after the precharge)
    – 2 digital outputs: MLP signal (sum of the precharge and of the set undervoltage threshold) and ML signal (Mains voltage monitoring).

    Protection functions
    Opening of the OK relay in case of:
    – overtemperature
    – power supply loss on the regulation card (±15V)
    – power supply loss
    – completely discharged DC link.

    Input chokes
    – An input choke is compulsory for the functioning of the SM32 power supply

  • SMB200 AC/DC power suppliers


    The SMB200 is a 3-phase 400V and 690V AC/DC power supply with rated currents of up to 2500A in stand-alone configuration and 9000A parallel in configuration.

    It is used primarily in very high power applications. The DC bus power supply is used when recovery of any kinetic energy is limited and is dissipated to the resistance via traditional braking systems.

    – Relay outputs: 1 contact for SMB200 Precharge OK
    – 2 digital outputs: SMB200 “OK” and “Main loss”
    – Power on LED on faceplate

    Protection functions
    Opening of OK relay in case of:

    • Overtemperature
    • No power to control card (±15V)
    • Power failure
    • Complete discharge of DC-link.

    Line inductance (mandatory)


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