MV Distribution

  • Air load break switches: LBS,LB,RF series

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    LBS series: Striker mechanism is employed in which the striker opens the switches automatically when the fuse blows.
    LB series: Wide variation is available by combining each unit’s functions and the combination is easy to rearrange.

    FUJI air load break switch type LBS is provided with current limiting power fuses and type LB is not so fitted. Both types are compact and incorporate arc-extinguishing devices of FUJI’s own design. The arc is drawn into a long narrow chamber with close clearances in which the gases are rapidly cooled and dispersed. Contact points therefore wear very slowly, so giving switches a long service life. FUJI air load break switches are recommended for use with power capacitors and transformers.

  • Current limiting power fuses: E,SCF,JC series

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    The fuse can be used independently or incorporated with switches that are not provided with a tripping device, from back-up fuses to current limiting fuses which can interrupt all current ranges.

    FUJI current limiting power fuses are available in general purpose and back-up versions. Type SCF and HF ··· E general purpose fuses will interrupt all excessive current ranging from the minimum melting current to the rated interrupting current. They will accurately interrupt a 200 – 300% overcurrent of the rated current. The fuse can be used independently or incorporated with air load break switches not provided with trip mechanisms. Very economical to install. The back-up fuses are rated at 12kV or higher and used with switches provided with trip mechanisms incorporated with CT or OCR.

  • Disconnecting switches: V series,RF series

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    Reliable disconnecting switches that have been chosen by customers for a long time. Small, light, and easy-to-operate. It is easy to mount them on cubicles.

    FUJI high voltage disconnecting switches comprise the V and RF types.
    The small size and lightness of the V type disconnecting switches make them highly suitable for cubicle use.
    They make use of FUJI’s specially designed coil spring, a line-contact and ball contact (RF type) system which gives them a high efficient operation without overheating.
    V type disconnecting switches are not provided with latches but their design will not permit them to be opened by magnetic force. Switches provided with latches can also be supplied upon request.

  • Vacuum circuit breakers: Auto. V series

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    Excellent in economy.

    7.2/3.6kV, 400A, 600A, 8kA, 12.5kA FUJI Auto. Vs are vacuum circuit breakers which incorporate a built-in solid-state OCR and CT.
    As they do not require to have a CT installed inside the switchgear cubicle or an OCR fixed to the front panel, space is saved in the cubicle and wiring and installation are simplified.
    A system protection is easily arranged using Auto. Vs with primary circuit breaker and also a protective coordination with low voltage MCCBs.
    The CT is a compactly built toroidal type and it is fitted to the upper part of the VCB. Its overcurrent withstanding value is as large as 12.5kA, 1 sec.

  • Vacuum Circuit Breakers: HS serie

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    Standard typed VCB. Product line ranges from 3.6 to 36kV.

    These types are available in all ratings from 3.6 to 36kV, and can be applied to a variety of H.V. switchgear. The motorspring stored-energy types feature autoreclosing.
    The HS types are comparatively high in breaking current with ratings of over 7.2kV, 20kA.
    • Breaking currents: 12.5kA to 50kA
    • Rated voltage: 3.6kV to 36kV
    • Standards: JEC, IEC

  • Vacuum circuit breakers: Multi VCB series

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    A standard-type VCB. A draw-out type is applicable for a board with a width of 500 mm and depth of 700 mm.

    7.2/3.6kV, 400A, 600A, 8kA, 12.5kA
    The new Multi-VCB series of generalpurpose vacuum circuit breakers are based on the conventional HA series and feature improved safety and ease of use. With 2300mm high switchgear cubicles they can be stacked up to four high with consequent saving of installation space. Multi VCBs are available in different mounting version such as the fixed type (B, C, P) and draw-out type (X, Y, U).

  • Vacuum circuit breakers: New-Auto. V series

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    Digital multifunctional relay has versatile features.

    The New-Auto.V is a circuit breaker that consists of a standard MULTI.VCB provided with a CT (current transformer), and incorporates a multiple function protectors and controllers to prevent equipment from overcurrent and other factors, thus saving energy and reducing installation man-hour.
    • Multiple function protectors and controllers offers versatile features such as ground-fault directional, ground-fault overvoltage, undervoltage, and overvoltage protective functions in addition to overcurrent protection. It also includes measurement functions for a variety of items, such as current, voltage, power, power-factor, frequency, and zero-phase voltage values.

  • Vacuum magnetic contactors: HN series

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    Answers various clients’ needs such as installation method, operating voltage, or other. AC/DC compatible, equipped with IC tip in the operating circuit to ensure further reliability in operation.

    HN-type vacuum magnetic contactors incorporate a SUPER MAGNET that has a built-in IC. The IC minimizes the power consumption used in the closing circuit. HN types vacuum magnetic contactors operate on both AC and DC power supplies. A common insulating frame for units with a rated voltage of 3kV and 6kV simplifies switchgear design.