• Air circuit breakers: DH series

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    This is a new series alternative to DB. Compact in size than conventional type.
    High performance and full protection function.

    The newly designed DH series air circuit breakers have excellent features as follows:

    • The height and depth dimensions are identical in all sizes up to 3200AF
    • Incresed accessibility from the front enhances easy of installation, operation and maintenance
    • No extra arc space required, This will assist in minimizing switchboard height and costs
    • Very fast interruption by double break system• Selective trip protective coordination functions

    NEMA PUB No. SG3
    ANSI C37.13
    JIS C 8201-2-1
    JEC 160

  • Air load break switches: LBS,LB,RF series

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    LBS series: Striker mechanism is employed in which the striker opens the switches automatically when the fuse blows.
    LB series: Wide variation is available by combining each unit’s functions and the combination is easy to rearrange.

    FUJI air load break switch type LBS is provided with current limiting power fuses and type LB is not so fitted. Both types are compact and incorporate arc-extinguishing devices of FUJI’s own design. The arc is drawn into a long narrow chamber with close clearances in which the gases are rapidly cooled and dispersed. Contact points therefore wear very slowly, so giving switches a long service life. FUJI air load break switches are recommended for use with power capacitors and transformers.

  • Annunciator relay:RV series

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    RV series provides general-purpose annunciator relays capable of forming even complex system for the signs of defect indication at a low cost.

    Various alarm display patterns can be accommodated by using the extensive product lineup and combining them with JH13PN-type flicker relays.

  • Card relay:RB series

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    Compact card relay for print board with low height and narrow width

    The RB 104 and 105 relays are designed for printed circuit board use. These relays are extremely thin (5mm) and so, can be densely mounted on PC boards. As a result, PC board size and cost can be greatly reduced. Employing of bifurcated contacts ensure high contact reliability, allowing the RB104, 105 relays to be used in low-level circuits. Coil voltages are available in ranges from 4.5V to 24V DC.

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    Circuit protectors: D seriess

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    Ideal for control circuits of all types of control panels, or protection of your equipment.

    The CP31 and CP32 have a similar functions to a molded case circuit breaker and they can be used for normal switching ON and OFFoperations while breaking bothoverload and short-circuit currents.
    They are available in two time – current versions — an instantaneous and a time-delay version.
    A suitable type should be selected to match the thermal and permissible current requirements.
    These are recommended for sequential control circuits, motor control circuits, solenoid-operated valves, heaters and solid – state applications.

  • Circuit protectors: F series

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    A perfect choice for the protection of your electrical equipment, or control circuit for control panels of all kind.
    A global model, Super slim body with full of functions.

    FUJI’s compact and high-performance CP-F series circuit protectors incorporate FUJI’s advanced technology.
    Their thin sizes make them ideal for use as AC/DC line switches in office andindustrial equipment.

    UL (File No.E96846)
    TÜV (IEC)(R9650230)
    CCC (China GB)(2003010309067080)

  • Current limiting power fuses: E,SCF,JC series

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    The fuse can be used independently or incorporated with switches that are not provided with a tripping device, from back-up fuses to current limiting fuses which can interrupt all current ranges.

    FUJI current limiting power fuses are available in general purpose and back-up versions. Type SCF and HF ··· E general purpose fuses will interrupt all excessive current ranging from the minimum melting current to the rated interrupting current. They will accurately interrupt a 200 – 300% overcurrent of the rated current. The fuse can be used independently or incorporated with air load break switches not provided with trip mechanisms. Very economical to install. The back-up fuses are rated at 12kV or higher and used with switches provided with trip mechanisms incorporated with CT or OCR.

  • Disconnecting switches: V series,RF series

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    Reliable disconnecting switches that have been chosen by customers for a long time. Small, light, and easy-to-operate. It is easy to mount them on cubicles.

    FUJI high voltage disconnecting switches comprise the V and RF types.
    The small size and lightness of the V type disconnecting switches make them highly suitable for cubicle use.
    They make use of FUJI’s specially designed coil spring, a line-contact and ball contact (RF type) system which gives them a high efficient operation without overheating.
    V type disconnecting switches are not provided with latches but their design will not permit them to be opened by magnetic force. Switches provided with latches can also be supplied upon request.

  • Display lights:DP24, 36, 40, 48 series

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    Improved safety achieved by excellent visibility and unified structure with quick terminal and live section cover.

    High luminance with brilliant colors (LED illuminated products), pure white and blue products are available. Significant reduction of power consumption and product mass.
    Fuji Electric’s unique quick terminal and live section cover in a single unit facilitate efficient wiring and improved safety.

  • Earth leakage protective relays: BRR,EL,RRD series

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    A relay performs contact output when detecting earth leakage. Both ZCT integrated model and ZCT separated model are available.

    In the earth leakage relay the breaking mechanism is omitted from the ELCB, and the ZCT and earth leakage tripping device are integrated into a common body.
    These relays are available in both instantaneous and time-delay versions.
    Generally these relays are used in conjunction with MCCB’s, ACB’s and motor starters.


  • Energy Monitoring System: F-MPC I/O series

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    Digital I/O Unit now available to monitor energy usage (electricity, gas, water, etc.) and equipment operating status.

    Include a F-MPC Web Unit to easily build a monitoring system.

  • Flicker relays:JH series

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    JH series provides flicker-operation-type relays for AC/DC common use.

    The JH Series relays operate at an intermittent cycle of 600 ms. Combining them with the RV Series annunciator relays expands the variation of failure display.