Photoelectric Sensors

  • BA2M Series

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    Small, diffuse reflective type with long sensing distance
    IP64 rated waterproof structure was upgraded on BA2M series and Dark ON mode models were added to the line-up. By adopting multiple lenses with special optic technology, this type can detect a long distance of 2m. Also, this highly reliable type provides more user convenience with stable Light On signal light and sensitivity control function.
  • BEN Series

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    Compact, Universal Voltage Type with Built-in Amplifier
    BEN Series is built-in amplifier type in a compact size. This type has an indicator to allow users to identify operation status of sensors from a long distance.
  • BJ Series

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    Compact and Long Distance Sensing Type Photoelectric Sensor
    BGS Reflective Type BGS reflective type which reduces the influence of background objects by adopting background suppress function realizes more stable and upgraded sensing performance by minimizing error range regardless of materials and colors of sensing objects. Connector Type Cable outgoing connector types guarantee more convenient maintenance and wiring work than cable outgoing types and implement enhanced performance by realizing IP67 the excellent protection structure.
  • BL Series

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    Superior Sensing Performance in Compact Design
    Liquid level detection sensors BL Series detects the presence or absence of liquid in a transparent pipe measuring ø6-13mm in diameter and 1mm in thickness. Users can select Light On/Dark On modes from operation mode switching button and easily check operation mode and status from LED bulbs (green/red) at the back. Also, BL Series is space efficient with its compact design.
  • BM Series

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    Small and Light, Common Type Photoelectric Sensor
    BM Series is easy to mount at a narrow space due to its small size and light weight. Screw type mounting hole is another feature of this series that allows more convenient mounting. Various detection types including diffuse reflective type, through beam type and retroreflective type allow more diverse user application area.
  • BMS Series

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    High Speed Response Type with Built-in Output Protection Circuit
    BMS Series is a photo sensor that has capability to switch between Light On and Dark On modes and has a fast response rate of under 1ms. Various detection types including diffuse reflective type, through beam type, retroreflective type allow more diverse user application area.
  • BPS Series

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    Slim Photoelectric Sensor for Long Sensing Distance
    BPS Series features flat shape for easy installation and waterproof structure rated by IP67. Also, despite its small size, this series has powerful sensing capabilities to a sensing distance of up to 3m.
  • BR Series

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    Cylindrical photoelectric sensors
    The Ø18mm cylindrical photoelectric sensors BR Series features long detection distance up to 20m and high-speed response time under 1ms. The Series also features improved noise resistance with digital signal processing. The BR Series is available in 4 different sensing modes making it practical for a wide variety of applications. Also, the BR Series is available in connector types, offering easier maintenance and wiring work.
  • BRE Series

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    Compact Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensors
    The simple, push-to-install, cylindrical photoelectric sensors BRE series feature long detection distances up to 10m. The sensors are also capable of stable operation in bright environments (ambient illuminance up to 50,000 lux). The units also feature built-in reverse polarity protection circuit and short-circuit (overcurrent) protection circuits.
  • BS5 Series

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    New Cable Type Sensors Added to Line-Up for Wider User Options
    BS5 Series photomicro sensors feature quality performance, convenience features, and a wide selection of models for various applications. The series is available in cable types and connector types as well as 5 different shapes for flexibility in user installation. Other notable features include high response frequency of 2kHz, Light On/Dark On switching and a clear LED status indicator.
  • BTF Series

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    Realizing ultra slim size and reliable sensing performance
    BTF series realize 3.7mm ultra-slim size by adopting high performance one chip photo IC which Autonics self-developed so that it can be installed in narrow space and check the location sensing spot by using red LED visible light source. Not only minimizing the influence of background with BGS sensing, the series can detect microscopic non-glossy objects up to Ø0.2mm. Excellent sensing performance with IP67 is another feature of BTF series.
  • BTS Series

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    Reliable Performance Packed in an Ultra-Compact Body
    The ultra-compact, ultra-slim type photoelectric sensors BTS Series are ideal for installation in limited spaces and compact applications. The sensors measure just 7.2mm wide with built-in amplifiers and are capable of detecting minute objects including metallic wires and semiconductor chips. The BTS Series is also built with IP67 protection structure and stainless steel mounting brackets, providing durable and reliable performance in diverse environments.