Motion Controllers

  • PMC-2HSP Series

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    2-Axis High Speed Interpolation Controllers
    Din Rail type compact size(W35.5XH90XL64mm) 2-axis high speed interpolation programmable motion controllers PMC-2HSP Series allows various controlling by 4 types of operation modes and linear/circular interpolation function. Moreover, RS485 communication support makes up to 16 units, 32 axes of multi-axis control possible. Moreover, the series realizes high communication compatibility by adopting Modbus RTU protocol. Dedicated programming tools and sufficient step memory (200 steps) are making it possible to produce more various program and efficient control.
  • PMC-4B-PCI Series

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    4- Axis board type programmable motion controller
    4-axis board type programmable motion controller PMC-4B-PCI is PC based PCI card products realizing 4-axis independent AC servo and stepping motor control. Also, it features interpolated control for circular arc/straight line, bit pattern, continuous, acceleration driving. Moreover, the series supports returning to the starting point action and synchronization. Up to 4Mpps of interpolate speed and 2, 3-axis steady linear velocity improves user’s convenience.
  • PMC-HS Series

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    1,2 Axis high speed programmable motion controller
    1,2 axis high speed programmable motion controller PMC-HS Series realizes high speed operation up to 4Mpps and various position controlling with 4 operation modes – Jog, Continuous, Index, and Program mode. Moreover, diverse operation can be implemented using 12 commands of each axis. Dedicated programming tool “PMC-HS I/O Program” also contributes to more efficient control.