Temperature Controllers

  • T3/T4 Series

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    Upgraded Features Including Revamped Design and Size Reduction
    The T3/T4 Series thumbwheel switch temperature controllers and indicators provide quality performance with simple operation at low costs. The controllers and indicators feature highly accurate temperature measurement and control and are available in various sizes for installation flexibility. Upgraded features include a revamped design and reduced size.
  • T4LP Series

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    Dual setting type, High accuracy temperature controller
    Dual setting type temperature controller T4LP series can control heating and cooling at a time and realize high accuracy measurement of ±0.5% based on F•S value of each input. Also, it is dual setting type product that allows optimal low temperature controlling and high accuracy controlling. The series contributes to better user convenience by adopting digital switches.
  • T4WM Series

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    Automatic switching function of 5 point temperature indication
    5 point input type temperature indicator T4WM series has 5-point temperature measurement display function and auto switching function for each temperature measurement point to increase user’s convenience. In addition, it realizes high accuracy measurement of ±0.5% based on F•S value of each input.
  • TA Series

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    Convenient & Precise with MICOM & PID Temperature Control Algorithm
    TA Series applied newly developed PID temperature control algorithm and micro processor to simple dial setting type temperature controller, resulting in a better control performance and more economical price. Also, deviation lamps on the front panels offer easy visual guide on control status. Dial setting type output OFF function, sensor burn-out display function and self-tuning function enhance control performance of this series.
  • TB42 Series

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    Board type Temperature controller
    Board type temperature controller TB42 series increases user convenience by suitable panel composition for desired place and purpose. This series has high performances thru various functions including dual PID control function and time schedule function; in addition, the series realizes cost saving temperature controlling ever via reducing costs.
  • TC Series

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    Economical PID temperature controllers
    TC Series – one of the most cost effective temperature controlling solution with essential functions and improved performance – realizes ideal temperature controlling with newly developed PID control algorithm and 100ms high speed sampling. Especially, that both SSRP output and relay output are supported to realize effective and economical controlling; in addition, improved visibility and compact size is another feature of TC Series.
  • TC3YF Series

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    DIN W72×H36mm Freezing/Defrost Temperature controller
    Freezing / Defrost temperature controller TC3YF series is high reliability temperature controller to protect the object inside the chillers via compressor output so that compressor operation cycle and ON ratio can be set even if errors occurs. This series also prevents loss of frozen efficiency with defrost function to remove frozen ice or frost in the freezer, and increases the efficiency of frozen through various delay time setting.
  • TCN Series

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    Economical dual display type PID temperature controllers
    TCN Series is economical temperature controllers having dual preset indicator display to increase user convenience. The series realizes ideal temperature controlling with newly developed PID control algorithm and 100ms high speed sampling; in addition, the series allows users to take advantage of economical controlling with SSRP and relay outputs. The TCN Series is also available in low voltage models for wider user options.
  • THD Series

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    Indoor, Duct & Wall mounting type Temperature/Humidity transducer
    Temperature/Humidity transducer THD series is high sensitivity temp./humidity sensor with compact size that supports various outputs and communication function for user’s convenience. The series realizes the optimal temp./humidity control connecting with Autonics temperature controllers and panel meters. Also, the series allows more diverse user’s selection by providing indoor type (THD-R series), duct mount type (THD-D series) and wall mount type (THD-W) as its working environment.
  • TK Series

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    Standard PID temperature controller
    Standard type PID temperature controllers TK Series realizes more powerful controlling with super high-speed sampling cycle of 50ms and ±0.3% display-accuracy. It supports heating/cooling simultaneous control, automatic/manual control, SSR output/current output selectable function, SSRP output function and communication function. In addition, it covers diverse input sensor support, multi SV setting, high resolution display part and compact size.
  • TM Series

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    Multi-channel modular type temperature controller
    Multi-channel module type PID temperature controllers TM Series realizes 4-channel (100ms) / 2-channel (50ms) high-speed controlling with superior sampling cycle. Side connector connection makes less wiring work and close mounting possible up to 31 units, 124 channels without additional power & communication wires for expansion modules. PC parameter setting and monitoring is possible via RS485 communication or dedicated USB cable. In addition, more reliable controlling can be realized thru various convenient functions.
  • TOS/TOM/TOL Series

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    Analog and Non-indicating type, Set temperature by dial
    Analog and non-indicating type, temperature controller which sets temperature by dial TOS/TOM/TOL series realizes provides wide range of product selection depending on temperature range so that suitable temperature control can be realized for user’s environment. Also, the series supports better user convenience by built-in burn out function and universe power range (only for TOS series).