Field Networks

  • ARD Series

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    The most cost effective & advanced DeviceNet based digital remote I/O
    ARD Series is a DeviceNet remote I/O available in digital terminal block and sensor connector types and in analog terminal block types. A vast range of line-ups offers flexibility in user options in different work environments. Autonics ARD Series features exceptional compatibility, outstanding noise resistance and reliability. Also, this series can be installed on DIN rail or using screws.
  • ARM Series

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    Useful for Increasing I/O Ports of PC, PLC & LP (Autonics Logic Panel)
    Autonics brand new remote I/O – ARM series of Modbus RTU type following up its initial ARD series, DeviceNet remote I/O, allows you better choices. You can easily increase I/O ports when using PC, PLC and LP series(Autonics Logic Panel),and also save wire cost using ARM when connecting sensors to various controllers as well. In addition, its e-Con sensor connecting feature also saves a lot of wiring works. Its space saving compact design is just a bonus.
  • SCM-38I Series

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    Serial Converter Module(RS232C↔RS485 convertable)
    RS232C/RS485 converter SCM-38I is a data communication converter creating optimal Tx-Enable signal for set protocol automatically. This converter can transfer signals up to 1.2km and realizes improved safety with insulted design. This model is also able to connect up to 31 communication devices for user convenience.
  • SCM-US Series

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    Serial Communication converter(USB↔Serial)
    SCM-US is a USB/Serial communication converter for data communication with PC. This model makes easy connection between the device and PC for user convenience. It also supports various OS and is operating with LED display when translating data and power for user convenience. [Note: SCM-US is Autonics dedicated USB↔Serial converter that increase user convenience with allowing easy connections for Autonics products with PCs.]
  • SCM-US48I Series

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    Serial Converter Module(USB ↔ Serial)
    Serial communication converter module SCM-US48I allows RS485 connection (1:N connection) among devices such as PC, PLC and touch panels. through USB port. It is possible to transmit signals to max. 1.2km and realizes improved safety with insulted design. In addition, it connects between devices without external power supply to satisfy customers’ needs.